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Turn Off Live Notifications! 

Facebook Live, is the popular social networking's answer to Twitter's buy out of Periscope and the surging popularity of Snapchat amongst young people. All three tout all video and featuring live updates from anywhere in the world at anytime by anyone with a smart phone, wifi access and and a little knowhow.

Facebook has turned on 'Live' notifications so when anyone on your Friend's list and every business page you have liked, goes Live you are alerted. We are sure some of the Facebook Live "broadcast" are of interest to you like news, or if there is an event you wanted to attend but cannot. In those cases a friend can go live and show you the happenings via Facebook Live.

But for those that have a lot of Live notifications or have experienced some odd Live broadcast you can turn them off.

If you only want to turn off a couple or one at a time this is doable by clicking on the carrot in the right hand upper corner next to the live video. But if you want to turn them ALL off at one time, do as follows:

  • go into your Facebook settings, 
  • click on notifications on the left hand side
  • Then click under Notification Settings in the middle of the page and click On Facebook Notifications
  • Then travel down to the second set of adjustments to Live Videos. There you can turn all the notifications off or suggested ones. 
This will stop all Live notifications from people with random events and messages. Of course you can add back the ones you like one by one. This should make your phone more quiet and have less push notifications on your phone.