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  • Who We Are!

    We always strive for the best.

    Our Passion

    Lee Integrations is a Digital Media Firm that is passionate about assisting agencies, businesses and organizations develop a strategy to successfully tell their story online.

    Our Values

    We deal rightly and honestly with our clients and their target market at all times. Integrity is more important than fake progress.  

  • What We Do

    We care about awesome features to get the job done.


    Develop Strategy

    We can help you plan your strategy for online success. Making a plan is more than a making a wish list. Contact us to give you real direction in using the right methods to be successful for your unique goals.

    Technology Consulting

    Innovation Can Propel Your Business

    We can lead you to discover ideas and methodologies that help integrate your business systems, its technology, and development to set you on the path to a higher success. Let us help you out?


    Effective Websites

    Need a new website that functions well and is easy to update? We will get you online effectively and quickly. Let's talk.

    Graphics, Logos & Collateral 

    Good Looking Graphics Sell

    Whatever your graphic needs you have we can supply. We provide graphics for online and offline publishing. Contact us for details.

    Online Content Management

    Online Posting Done

    We can take care of all your online content, posting, blogging, and customer care interactions. Focus on your business while we focus on your online presence. 

    Discovery Projects


    We can put together a comprehensive report that tells you how your current online sites are doing and how to make your online presence better.

    Online Growth Development

    Grow Online Faster

    Want to have your Twitter or other online sites grow? We have methods to ensure this happens. Contact us for pricing.

    Online Reputation Management

    Protect Your Brand

    Let us keep your reputation online safe and accurate. Has incorrection information been circulated about you online? We may be able to remedy the problem. Contact us for more details.

    Return On Investment Reporting

    All Your Data In One Place

    Want to get crisp, organized, Meaningful reports about your online presence? We can provide this for you, allowing you to discuss plans and make decisions with your staff.

    Staff Training

    An Educated Staff Performs 

    Get your staff up to speed on your new direction for online marketing or new expectations for your business' reorganized social media policy. We can help.  

    Public Presentations

    We Have PDFs and Will Travel

    Need a speaker for an event, seminar or school event? We can accommodate. Contact us with time, date and topic.


    Photos Help Tell Your Story

    Up to date and consistent photos can make your website or presentations pop! Do you need new headshots for your office or marketing collateral? Let us help you out?

    Computer Services

    Need saving? We can be on the way!

    Can't figure out Windows 10? Are you missing important emails due to spam? We would love to rescue you.

    Contact us today!

  • The Blog

    Social Media Musings and Tips

    Facebook Live, is the popular social networking's answer to Twitter's buy out of Periscope and the surging popularity of Snapchat amongst young people. All three tout all video and featuring live updates from anywhere in the world at anytime by anyone with a smart phone, wifi access and and a...
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  • Examples of Our Work

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    for businesses, public figures and organizations

    We develop logos, image and online image and communications and promotion for businesses, groups and individuals. 


    Clean Elegant Sites

    Affordable Websites

    A sentence or two describing this item.



    Sites with Complex News Laden Magazine Layouts

    Websites That Meets Your Needs

    We have you covered if you need a site that handles a lot of news and media.



    Client Communication

    Online Communications 

    Made Easy

    We can cover emails, text messages and newsletters to help you consistently communicate with your clients.



    Consistent Branding Across 

    You've Got The Look

    We keep your branding consistent from website, social media, apps and newsletters across the web. 

    Consulting Strategy

    We Help You Plan Your Approach

    We will lay out a plan that meets the needs of your business to market to your target market. 

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